Walking with Others – Complete Set

Walking with Others is designed for people who are concerned with helping others grow up into Christ (Ephesians 4:15). Participants will be challenged through a set of conversations, practices, and relationships, to take the next step in their development—learning to become developers of others, helping guide others toward a deeper maturity and faithfulness.


Walking with Others process contains:

  • Stage 1: A Place of Learning and Formation
  • Stage 2: A Lifelong Perspective
  • Stage 3: A Leadership of Companionship
  • 3-2-1, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, The Land Between, and Living Into Community



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We are excited you are taking the next step in your development by helping develop others. We at VP3 want to walk alongside you, pray for you, and be here for you to answer any questions you may as you lead your group. Remember to reach out to us throughout the year and let us know how things are going!

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