A Way of Life – Modified Set

A Way of Life Modified Set is designed to be used as the second set for a couple, with the first set being a “Full Set” of A Way of Life, which includes the accompanying texts. This allows the couple to share the texts, but each have their own personal process materials.



A Way of Life process Modified Set includes:

  • Stage 1: Friendship with God
  • Stage 2: Community with Others
  • Stage 3: Mission on the Way 
  • A Mentoring Guide: Christ•Conversation•Companionship


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The modified set was created for couples so they can share the accompanying texts. Each participant will need the three process manuals and the A Mentoring Guide: Christ•Conversation•Companionship, but can share the other three books: Sanctuary of the Soul, Forgiving as We’ve Been Forgiven, and God in the Alley.

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